My name is Tanya Kuznetsova, I am a freelance illustrator living in France and Scotland. I received an MFA from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden with a semester placement in the Czech Republic and an MA in Children’s Literature from the University of Glasgow.

My illustrations are hand drawn and processed in ProCreate and Photoshop. In my work I try to nurture empathy with the natural and animal world around us, showing its diversity and fragility. I draw children’s books, illustrations for editorials and patterns for textiles and packaging.

My projects have been awarded: short-listed finalist BCBF (2010); honorable mention  ‘A well designed book’ Poland (2012); finalist CJ festival Korea (2013); finalist ‘Clairvoyants’ Poland (2019); selected for the unpublished picturebook showcase (2022), finalist of CCBF (2023). 

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